If you’re thinking the west mesa sounds like a cool place allow me to point a few things out first. While there are some good people on the mesa the majority are not so good drugs and alcohol are the norm for far to many.

Meth, heroin and alcohol runs more prevalent in the veins of some than blood. Naturally this leads to aggressive, delusional and psychotic behavior. That’s why there are so many Bernie Sanders supporters.

There are a few veterans who just don’t feel comfortable in society anymore. The only thing these folks want is space and to be left alone.

The west mesa encompasses the area west of the Rio Grande gorge. Land originally offered for sale by the Great Southwestern Land Company. They were a scam and eventually the company went into bankruptcy. That bankruptcy remains an open case. For that reason alone one needs to carefully consider purchasing land.

You are ill advised to come to the Taos area homeless. The summers are fantastic but by late September if you have not secured decent shelter you have a problem. Winters can see harsh temperatures and significant snow fall. There is a very small shelter for men but there are no resources for women or families.

This area is beautiful with abundant nature to explore and enjoy. Be very careful while enjoying the nature because much of it can kill you.

This site has been down for a couple years. I changed servers and simply never got around to this site. I will get much of it rebuilt with more up to date information over the next 2 or 3 months. Much has changed since I created the first website some 10 years ago so this is my opportunity to bring to to a more current reality for you.

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  1. Hi Dave, I am a single woman in my 30s and have been drifting for a couple of years (living out of my car). With how things are changing in the world, I need to establish a home base and have felt very called to Taos.. i’m currently staying out in the BLM lands east of the gorge. I have been reading about this community tonight. I remember driving through a couple of years ago and seeing things in the distance that reminded me of Slab City and some areas near Joshua Tree, but didn’t think much of it. Now that I’m here and really wanting to make a home here, I guess I’m just curious.. let me know if you get this comment. Blessings.

    1. Sorry so long to reply but I’m just seeing these messages. The mesa is a risque business especially for a single woman. I could not in clear mind recommend it but it is a decision you will need to make. The west mesa is a very large area and 2 peaks is only 1 of them. 2 peaks is also the most troubled area.

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