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The Mesa News page is now live as promised.

The mesa west of Taos, New Mexico is part of the 1963 Seattle Worlds Fair land scam. The mesa consist of 4 communities; Ranchos de Taos, Carson Estates, Serria Vista Estates and Tres Piedras "Rancheros de Taos". It is divided into 1/4 acre lots and you can't get title insurance because the land dispute that created the scam in the first place has never been resolved.

The people living here are a grab bag of diversity. There are those you can just tell you need to steer clear of. There are veterans with PTSD. Unruly teens with truly poor attitudes. Then their are the folks with a variety of mental challenges that made them social outcast but not necessarily bad people. Last but not least there are a few like myself whom have no mental challenges but have just grown tired of the so called civilized world that has become a bit uncivilized.

If you are reading this because you think you want to live out here I strongly recommend you come visit for a month or so first. Be very careful when buying land on the mesa as the assessed value is only around $650 per 1/4 lot as of spring 2013. It is quite common to see land brokers asking $1500 per 1/4 acre lot. There is presently a guy on eBay trying to sell 4 connecting lots for $13,000. To say the least he has been re-listing this land for over to a year, It is not realistic to pay $13000 an acre here and even think you will ever recoup your investment, this land will never support it. Since the original writing here the guy has given up selling that acre in unit 11 and is now listing an acre just two blocks from my home in Ranchos de Taos not to be mistaken for Ranchos de Taos south of the town of Taos, which has power run to many of the lots. He offers the famous ” Special Warranty Deed” claiming it grants you free and clear ownership, it does nothing of the sort. If the federal court decides all land sales were fraudulently transacted all deeds will be recalled and USA Bank will take legal possession. The reason this area remains undeveloped is because the land scandal created by the Great southwestern Land Co. has never been resolved in federal court. I can not emphasize enough to visit this area before buying land here. You can buy lots from the locals as low as $400. I would advise you to be very careful when buying from locals as far to often there is land being sold that is not owned by or has been sold several times by the owner and you’ll never get a deed. My suggestion for buying from a local is come see the land and take them to the court house to do the transfer before money changes hands. Don’t be fooled into having land surveyed in unit 5 as the land was surveyed in 1962 and that survey is still effective today regardless what the Assessors office tells you. I purchased an acre and a quarter in unit 5 in January 2014 for $1450 and they tried to get me to pay for a survey some $2800 and got angry when I pointed out the fact that the original survey was still valid. Do your due diligence when buying and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

The county does not enforce building codes out here so you’ll find quit the hodgepodge of living quarters. There are some unique homes, RV’s, shanties even folks living in tents and teepees. There is no electricity, sewer lines or running water. There is a community well now but you’ll still need to transport the water to your place. The well is available to members only and membership is only available to land owners. Membership is $250 plus .03 per gallon of water. Solar and wind would be your source of electricity. Sewage can be as simple as an outhouse or build a tank and leach bed.

Many here plant gardens and can their crops, others rely on the food bank. Some here live on no income at all, others work and then there are those of us who draw disability or Social Security. Winters are cold and summers are nice. I went to southern Arizona this past winter and loved it but will be back on the mesa sometime this spring but quite a few are here year round.

All in all, it’s a great place but certainly not a place for everyone. Please, feel free to share your questions or your experiences here or even in other off grid communities but be careful of the content. If your post contains offensive content or foul language, it will be removed. I am a minister and insist that everything here remain suitable for even young children to read. I will be slowly growing this site and if you are interested in building your own website check out my hosting page.

We sorta have our own government here known as the Elders and the Mommas. There are no elections and it is very non-political. These are positions of trust with no real hierarchy but they hold the court and deliver the decisions. You are welcome to peacefully disagree with their decisions but acts of aggression will not have positive results. If you look at their decisions in a positive light you will usually see the wisdom shared. Mind your manners and respect others and you’ll do just fine.

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