2 Peaks

The Mesa News page is now live as promised.

The mesa west of Taos, New Mexico is part of the 1963 Seattle Worlds Fair land scam. The mesa consist of 4 communities; Ranchos de Taos, Carson Estates, Serria Vista Estates and Tres Piedras "Rancheros de Taos". It is divided into 1/4 acre lots and you can't get title insurance because the land dispute that created the scam in the first place has never been resolved.

The people living here are a grab bag of diversity. There are those you can just tell you need to steer clear of. There are veterans with PTSD. Unruly teens with truly poor attitudes. Then their are the folks with a variety of mental challenges that made them social outcast but not necessarily bad people. Last but not least there are a few like myself whom have no mental challenges but have just grown tired of the so called civilized world that has become a bit uncivilized.

If you are reading this because you think you want to live out here I strongly recommend you come visit for a month or so first. Be very careful when buying land on the mesa as the assessed value is only around $650 per 1/4 lot as of spring 2013. It is quite common to see land brokers asking $1500 per 1/4 acre lot. There is presently a guy on eBay trying to sell 4 connecting lots for $13,000. To say the least he has been re-listing this land for over to a year, It is not realistic to pay $13000 an acre here and even think you will ever recoup your investment, this land will never support it. Since the original writing here the guy has given up selling that acre in unit 11 and is now listing an acre just two blocks from my home in Ranchos de Taos not to be mistaken for Ranchos de Taos south of the town of Taos, which has power run to many of the lots. He offers the famous ” Special Warranty Deed” claiming it grants you free and clear ownership, it does nothing of the sort. If the federal court decides all land sales were fraudulently transacted all deeds will be recalled and USA Bank will take legal possession. The reason this area remains undeveloped is because the land scandal created by the Great southwestern Land Co. has never been resolved in federal court. I can not emphasize enough to visit this area before buying land here. You can buy lots from the locals as low as $400. I would advise you to be very careful when buying from locals as far to often there is land being sold that is not owned by or has been sold several times by the owner and you’ll never get a deed. My suggestion for buying from a local is come see the land and take them to the court house to do the transfer before money changes hands. Don’t be fooled into having land surveyed in unit 5 as the land was surveyed in 1962 and that survey is still effective today regardless what the Assessors office tells you. I purchased an acre and a quarter in unit 5 in January 2014 for $1450 and they tried to get me to pay for a survey some $2800 and got angry when I pointed out the fact that the original survey was still valid. Do your due diligence when buying and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

The county does not enforce building codes out here so you’ll find quit the hodgepodge of living quarters. There are some unique homes, RV’s, shanties even folks living in tents and teepees. There is no electricity, sewer lines or running water. There is a community well now but you’ll still need to transport the water to your place. The well is available to members only and membership is only available to land owners. Membership is $250 plus .03 per gallon of water. Solar and wind would be your source of electricity. Sewage can be as simple as an outhouse or build a tank and leach bed.

Many here plant gardens and can their crops, others rely on the food bank. Some here live on no income at all, others work and then there are those of us who draw disability or Social Security. Winters are cold and summers are nice. I went to southern Arizona this past winter and loved it but will be back on the mesa sometime this spring but quite a few are here year round.

All in all, it’s a great place but certainly not a place for everyone. Please, feel free to share your questions or your experiences here or even in other off grid communities but be careful of the content. If your post contains offensive content or foul language, it will be removed. I am a minister and insist that everything here remain suitable for even young children to read. I will be slowly growing this site and if you are interested in building your own website check out my hosting page.

We sorta have our own government here known as the Elders and the Mommas. There are no elections and it is very non-political. These are positions of trust with no real hierarchy but they hold the court and deliver the decisions. You are welcome to peacefully disagree with their decisions but acts of aggression will not have positive results. If you look at their decisions in a positive light you will usually see the wisdom shared. Mind your manners and respect others and you’ll do just fine.

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120 thoughts on “2 Peaks

  1. Doug

    Thank youfor the honesty. We are looking to move to the mesa for several reasons. Living off gird is ok with us has we have done it before. We are having a hard time finding lots for sale. Again Thank you.

    1. Dave Post author

      Doug, there are plenty of lots available here. I have 3 lot’s you are welcome to use but are not for sale until you find a property that suits you. Also look on ebay under real estate and land. There is a guy that goes by buldozerparts that sells lots here. Do not buy his acre lots as you will never see a $13k return on your investment but he does offer 1/4 acre lots for $1475. There will be abou land auction around March and lots will sell well below a $1k. Hope this helps you.

      1. Kirsten

        Hello Dave or anyone are u still managing this post? Me and my husband recently bought land out there and are having trouble finding out exactly where it is. We were hoping u could help. Thank

    2. espi

      Five acres for sale…. south facing with a gravel road…. great for an earthship….for one person…one house…need to meet you….if you want it come hang out ! Looking for $20000 firm!

    3. espi

      Five acres for sale…. south facing with a gravel road…. great for an earthship….for one person…one house…need to meet you….if you want it come hang out ! Looking for $20000 firm! 5754049413

  2. Raven Jewell

    Thank you so much for all this wonderful information!!

    I recently left to go on a trip out west. My brother and I were heading to San Diego and my broke down in Tx. We ended hitching to new mexico and staying in Taos for several days. I immediately felt home. Back in florida, where i am from, I’ve taken a petmaculture design course, where I was interested and acquainted with Michael reynolds and the work he does with earthship biotecture. I’ve wanted to live a sustainable off grid lifestyle since my “awakening,” and have a dream of having a community that supports itself through the skills and hearts involved with it.

    On the trip to Taos we picked up a gentleman named Greg who works at the coffee spot. He told me you can get land for 400 an acre. My self and a friend are very interested in buying land near two peaks or even in other surrounding areas just outside of taos. Do you have any contact info for someone you know who know may be selling or a place to start looking? Everything that I’ve looked up has been at least 1500 a half acre. Thank you so much!!

    1. Dave Post author

      You miss heard Greg, $400 can get you a 1/4 acre and the land brokers sell for $1500 and up for the same size lot. Come out and squat a lot until the spring auction. There you can ppick up a lot pretty reasonable.

  3. JuliB55

    Hi, Dave.

    Juli Barbato here, with the stupidest question you’ve heard yet: What’s a dogleg, and is closer to the highway? I’m planning to move in on block 106 in Unite 4 in about a month. So, howdy neighbor, and thank you.

    1. Dave Post author

      A dogleg is what we call an S curve. Unit 4 I’d the farest unit from hwy 64. Block 106 will be near Stagecoach Rd. Have you been out to your land yet? If not let me know and I’ll be happy to meet you at Stan’s and show you out. Stan’s is located about 3.5 miles in on the right.

      1. JuliB55

        Dave: Thanks so much for responding! I had no idea till just now that you’d done so. I thought I’d get an e-mail notification if you or anyone responded. So, I am sorry for the delay in acknowledging your post. Believe me, I wish I’d seen it. I think I might’ve been directed to the wrong parcel. The one I think/thought was mine is perpendicular to W. Milky Way.

        I opened up this Pandora’s Box via a trip to the DMV today, asking how I should report my address change for my license, once I’m on the lot. I ended up speaking with Tim in the Taos County Planning Office, and boy am I glad I was unable to have the land graded yet. The snow turned out, I think, to be a double blessing if what Tim said is true. According to what you’ve said, I think he might be right. I’m going to try to find the spot tomorrow. Supposedly, the actual address of the parcel is 55 W. Sage Road.

        By the way, is Stan’s the place with all the vehicles and goats and dogs? Do you know where Heath’s place is? I thought my land was behind his, farther west on W. Milky Way.

        Well, thanks again.

  4. cyenyo

    Hi! Im trying to get info on the well. Do they have a website? We have lots in unit 5 we are planning to move on. Any other information would be great. Thank you!

    1. Dave Post author

      Look up the West Rim Water District Taos, NM. To join you must be a property owner or have a lease on a property. If you are local you can go to the well and there is a box on the bulletin bord with info and application. Membership is a one time few of $250 and .03 a gallon there after. Hope this helps.

      1. cyenyo

        I tried to find the info but had no luck. Do you know if they have a phone number to call. Right now we are not in taos. We have owned our property for a while. Thank you again for the help!

  5. porter

    Hello 2 peaks…. At 32 years old I still find myself wondering aimlessly through life searching for purpose, acceptance and a spot to call (MINE) one that I can call home! I am a honest hard working man that needs to be in a secluded society! I don’t have a lot but I could trade items of use for help and support on new grounds. Writing from Minnesota
    Lone wolf 55021

  6. cyenyo

    Hi Dave just wanted to say thanks for the information it was a great help. We are well on our way getting our home front started. Question you were talking a bout the mama and the elders just what is this counsel and what type of issue do they handle. We are use to handling our own issues.

    1. Dave Post author

      They rarely get involved anymore but, if one creates a serious problem or threat to others they are instructed to vacate the mesa and one way or the other they will. If you don’t want drama find out who the drama queens are and keep them at a distance. Most folks here are good people but a few just can’t survive without trying to bring others down to their level. This is the last place on earth to bring a city attitude.

      Everyday certain task must be accomplished otherwise life here will be much harder. Winters are cold, much different than northern winters. Stock up on firewood through the summer and your winter will be much more comfortable.

      If you have warrants, keeps it to yourself. The drama queens will tell everyone you do anyways. Employment is very thin out here but work trade is a successful way of life for many. I hope this helps you in someway. Don’t hesitate to ask questions but be advised, I can be very blunt and painfully honest. I’ve pissed a few off out here with that and I could really care less.

      Enjoy your journey, your happiest travels will be with honesty.

      1. Dave Post author

        If your husband has lived here he should know where Stan’s is. I live next to Stan and oversee the ranch for him nowadays. If you want left alone steer clear of units 4&5. I have a 1/4 acre lot for sale

  7. cyenyo

    I appreciate your honesty and we are painfully blunt and honest as well. We speak our minds for sure and we dont like the city attitudes as well. Thats why we are moving. Well my husband CJ lived out there for about 6 years so he knows about the winters and summers. We just want a place were we are left to our selves. And I really dont like drama queens! Thanks again!

  8. MrJacobTiffin

    I spent a couple months out there years ago before I had kids and a wife. I was wondering if there are school buses for the kids. How hard would it for a family to get established and not have to worry about child protective services coming out there.

    1. Dave Post author

      There are families out here and the bus picks the youngsters up at the cattle guard. CPA is normally not a problem but if your a single parent beware of a crazy woman who goes by the name Cindy Dingman, her Las name is not Dingman, at any rate she likes to accuse men of being child molesters. She has told this lie many times over the years. I suppose it’s because her boyfriend molested her own daughter but she was ok with that because as soon as he was released from prison she brought him straight back into her home. Keep her at a distance from you and your family and you should be fine.

      1. MrJacobTiffin

        Cool good to know any places with houses on them already that I could buy. And is there anywere I can stay till I get a place.

      2. MrJacobTiffin

        Cool good to know any places with houses on them already that I could buy. And is there anywere I can stay till I get a place.

      3. MrJacobTiffin

        Cool Good to no I have a Wife and 2 kids. Was wanting to know if there are any lots that have a house on them already. That is not to expensive. Also is there anywhere that has a place I can stay till I buy a place.

      4. MrJacobTiffin

        Cool Good to no I have a Wife and 2 kids. Was wanting to know if there are any lots that have a house on them already. That is not to expensive. Also is there anywhere that has a place I can stay till I buy a place.

  9. funkymesa

    i just wanted to make a quick correction to the first paragraph of this article. the land in tres piedras that is part of the great southwest land co scam is called “tres piedras estates”. the little development right near there that has the sign “rancheros de taos” is a separate subdivision, NOT part of tres piedras estates.

    i live in tp estates, on the mesa. most of the folks that live in “rancheros de taos” have a little more money, and a bit more infrastructure (electricity and a large shared well, a somewhat maintained road). those of us actually in tp estates don’t even get access to the various water around tp, we’d have to join the west rim water association (near 2 peaks). and i hear that is a political nightmare. i catch all my water.

    home on the mesa!!!!

    1. Dave Post author

      I live in Rancheros de Taos myself now but completely off grid. I agree that your water situation is pretty screwed up, however, you can not join the West Rim Water Association. You are to far north and because of federal regulations you would have to join the Tres Piedras Water Association if they get an opening. There membership fee is $5000 as opposed to the $250 at West Rim. There are a number of people in your area that do have illegal key’s but very soon they will be useless because our HOA just voted to change the locks. They are also talking about putting a gate on Colorado Rd and a fence in the back because of security concerns.

      I am also a member at the West Rim Association since i own several lot’s in Carson Estates. It’s not unusual for me to help others with water from time to time. We have to pay .03 per gallon and that’s all I charge unless i have to make a special trip down there. I am not at liberty to do that here in TP.

  10. homefreemedic

    Hey dave, thanks for the website, very informative. I just moved to taos a month ago and am currently living in a short school bus. I’ve been told that even with a wood stove it will be a stretch to winter in that…. I’d like to find a place to build an earthbag hut to winter in. I don’t make much money, but I am honest, love being a part of a community, and I can offer my skills to anyone that needs it: years of splinting suturing and other 911 skills. I work in town so I need to be less than 18-20 miles out of it (a reasonable bike ride). It sounds like to not be ripped off I’d be paying less than a grand for a 1/4 acre. And that’s about what I can scrape up currently… Got any advice for me or know of any reasonable lots in a friendly part of 2 peaks?

    1. Dave Post author

      I’m not aware of any lot’s right now but thing’s come up all the time. I spent my first two winters in my motorhome with a wood stove. I guess it all depends on how you handle cold weather. I’m guessing that’s been you parked at the cattle guard a lot. I can put you on a lot until you find one to buy but Francis is not interested in selling and its not too far off the beaten path with no close neighbor’s. Stop in at Stan’s and ask him for my number. We’ll make arrangements to meet.

  11. alesha99

    Hi Dave! Thanks for the information you have provided here! My boyfriend and I are considering relocating. Is there fast reliable internet other than satellite (I wondered if a verizon jetpack would work)? Is there reliable cell phone service? How soon does it snow? We are considering building a very tiny earthship.

    1. Dave Post author

      Depending on where you build high speed internet is available. If you can see the airport your good. Late November to mid December is when we normally see first snow. In my opinion it’s a bit late in the year for your plan but i don’t know just how resourceful you are. As for cell service Verizon does work in many area’s but certainly not all area’s.

      1. alesha99

        Thanks for the info! While I have been considering this for many years, I feel I now need to move forward rapidly. I am also considering adobe bricks with solar gain (I would make them) as opposed to earthship as I am small and weak etc. and my bf has heart problems. If all went well I might come for a few months, leave and return in the spring. I have a few more questions.
        1. Is anyone doing adobe? If so was sand or clay brought in?
        2. Do you know of a tiny cheap sliver of land (my income is well below poverty which won’t change as I have a health issue) where internet would be possible and I could use the $250/year well that’s for sale? We are drama free. 🙂
        3. Would you build in Carson Estates? There is one sliver I am considering but not sure about internet there. Do you think internet is available there?
        4. Are there many artists/creatives? 🙂
        5. Are people permitting structures? If so, how have their experiences been? I am a bit concerned either way.
        Thanks so much for sharing! If you send me a mailing address to river99@post.com I will send you a small gift 🙂

        1. Dave Post author

          I can’t remember if I replied or not. Please do not send gifts, this site is hosted on a server I’ve had leased for years. I’m not aware of any lot’s right now being sold cheap but things do come up.

          A passiave solar home is the only way to fly here but it’s way to late in the year to start now. As a rule, if you can see the airport you can get wireless high speed internet and most areas here do work.

          Building is often done without permitting and the county usually turns a blind eye provided it’s not an elaborate structure. Many live in rv’s and build add on’s onto them. You can also build a 122 sqft structure without a permit.

  12. 23skido

    Hi all,
    Posted on already on west mesa FB page asking same question.

    I am very interested in buying a acre or less of land on the Mesa. I would love to make this happen while I am in the area. Peeps have replied on lots in unit1,4,5 at two peaks. I may very well be interested in these, but sound like it is may have its down sides in some folks there are not as “neighborly” ( LOL! ) and this land is as far as it gets from road. It is still appealing though! Are there any folks in this area capable of creating cool and interesting things with the community?
    The area between Two and Three peaks looks nice to me. Near Aislings place. Know of land here?
    I would be a solid and trustworthy neighbor to have! Self sufficient, helpfull but fiercely clear. An avowed and committed anarchist. Won’t be taking any shit from crazy MOFo’s. Live and let live!) Father of three ( nearly on their own 18 yr , won’t be living here), carpenter of 20+ years, welder, and blacksmith artist, gardener/permaculture, herbs, and foraging. I am a very community oriented person, and would certainly embrace a greater community vision in my homestead if the spirit for such exists. I understand some here are beyond community relations.
    I am looking to develop a dual state life between NM and Vermont. Anyone interested in sharing land in Vt OR that has land for sale should contact me for further conversation. David /23skido
    Feel free to call 802-363-3919

    1. Dave Post author

      You’ll do yourself a huge favor by staying away from units 4&5. There is a nasty woman in 5 who love’s accusing single men of being child molesters and you’re coming readymade. You’ll do well to look in units 1, 11 or in 3 peaks. You might even consider Tres Piedras though it is further out of Taos it’s a quite community. 1/4&1/2 acre lot’s are commonly available but acre and larger are not. I’ll be glad to help any way I can.

  13. J Hill

    Hey Dave, I live in Taos now and have been here a year or so. I came up here to move onto the Mesa. Lol one thing led to another and Im not there yet. I want to buy one of the 1/4 Acre lots. Is Stans the place with all the retired trucks? Is that where I would go to ask to find you and discuss things with you. I thank you in advance for any help. :>)

    1. Dave Post author

      Stan’s place is about a mile past the junkyard. You’ll go through an S curve and his place is about a half mile on the right. Unless you want to be around meath heads and heroin addicts as well as the drama queens avoid units 4&5. I will email you my phone number but I never awnser while I’m driving but will be happy to help anyway I can.

  14. Lost

    Dave – thanks for the information on this website, very useful. I’m looking at Carson Estates and seeing things assigned by Unit/Block/Lot numbers. Do you have a good map of the area that shows the Units/Blocks/Lots on it? I’m trying to guess where things are but I’m pretty much lost. Thanks!

  15. bev

    So Thankful for this site! I recently bought a property in your area, so very excited to begin (again) a long time dream of living off grid. I am rather new to the Taos area. I am really new to the mud here in this area. I am having difficulty getting to my place, to say the least. I upgraded tires on my FJ but still not enough traction to get back there safely. I am going to get chains for my rear tires but I would so appreciate any advice that will help me get us to our home.

  16. lagreene89

    My husband and I are currently in the albuquerque area for work and we are staying at the Route 66 casino which isn’t as close to nature as we had hoped. We have been staying on BLM land at all of the other places we have been but there doesn’t seem to be any close to us. We were wondering if we would be allowed to stay somewhere around ya’ll while we are here. We have a camper so we have our on living quarters but we don’t have a spot to put our camper that isn’t in a parking lot surrounded by a bunch of people. I don’t know if temporary camping is even an option around ya’ll but I figured I would give it a shot.

    1. Dave Post author

      I have several places I could put you folks here but Albuquerque is 160 miles south of us.there is a community not to indifferent from ours just north of Albuquerque you may want to check out.

          1. lagreene89

            Okay thank you again. We really appreciate it. We have been talking about going off grid for quite awhile but we realized we didn’t love where we were living before enough to do it so we are traveling the country until we find our ideal area to live in. We respect the sense of community that you guys have established and also the value of privacy. I will not and can not live in a cookie cutter house.

          2. Dave Post author

            The sense of community left this place when the drug addicts and felons started coming in here a few years back. Winters here can be harsh but the summer is great and the view is breathtaking. If at some point you decide to come here you’ll do well to avoid units 4&5. There are some good folks there but the majority of the hard core idiots live in those units. Tres PiedrasPiers is about 15 miles further from town but certainly worth a look. Bad elements there as well but they tend to be much more intelligent and keep their junk quite and to themselves.

  17. SupposedMocha

    Hey there, I appreciate everything you’ve listed on the site. It’s definitely help shed a lot of light on the area and the fact you’re more than willing to help people is really great. Myself and my girlfriend had taken a look at this area since we don’t have too much to ourselves and want to just have a life of being left alone by whatever you want to call those accursed things known as cities. Regardless of the drama issues highlighted by you, this place has been in the running. Especially because of it being cheaper than others.

    However, my main question was that we were thinking of living in a camper or even a beat to nothing trailer for the time being. I’ve seen a few pop up there from time to time for pretty good deals, but was wondering if any were available in the area as we don’t have one to ourselves. Probably a per basis thing, but if you had any I’d be more than happy to hear about it.


    1. Dave Post author

      First off how do you plan to heat? Nights here are quite cold this time of year.I have a beat down trailer you can use in a secluded spot but neither the lot or trailer are for sale. You could put a small wood stove in it and I have a friend selling blocked ponderosa pine quite cheap. I assume you have sound transportation. You will need a 4×4 to get in and out of the trailer when the ground is wet.I will keep my ears open for any lot’s and rv’s for sale.

  18. Josh

    I lived in unit 4 several years ago, planning a visit this spring. Not sure if we met, but I was over at Aaron Keske’s a fair amount. Kenny, Steve, Luna, Gabby all were my neighbors. I was one of the people burned out by Dusty (aka Gregory Scott Robinson from L.A.) if you remember. He torched my shack, actually Arthur Budke’s guest place, when I was in town one night. Quite the mess he made of my life and others. I ended up leaving and moving back east but I have never stopped thinking about the Mesa. Nothing has felt as much like home since then. Sorry to hear there are still a lot of problem makers in 4 and 5. I might come stay at my brother’s place which borders BLM in unit 4, and see if the magic is still there. But you have me thinking about maybe settling in another spot if there is still a lot of theft etc in those units. I sure do miss New Mexico. New England where I have been is maybe just not sunny and crazy enough for me.

    1. Dave Post author

      Unit’s 4 and 5 have a few good people but the methhead and heroin losers really screw the area up for everyone here. If you can find something in unit’s 1 or 11 you might be better off. I wasn’t there when the idiot burned several people out. I lived in unit 5 in the early 90’s and came back in 2013. Good luck if you come back but don’t expect it to be the same place.

  19. Diamond Dragon

    Hi Pastor Dave, I very much appreciate you creating this site. I’ve been communicating with a few others around the Carson area, saw a road had been paved and the volunteer fire department. I’ve been watching the craiglist ads and notice patterns as well as prices! Ouch! Some of them are at the very least comical.

    In an above question asking if there was high speed internet(not satellite) you stated that it was and if you can see the airport you’re good. I was wondering what kind of high speed internet that was as I’m taking classes online for web development and for now am spoiled on cable internet.

    Also, I was wondering if there was a map of the area that showed the units. I’d like to see the unit locations relative to being able to see the airport as well as what areas are allowed to use the West Rim well.

    I’d very much like to come out and visit next year to look the area over in person. I’ve actually been out that way before but I was passing through on 567 so I know where the post office is. However, I’d like to learn more about the area before I visit. Are you open to communicating via email?

    Thank you in advance.

  20. mark m

    I am confused on the well is it for all landowners in Ranchos de Taos, Carson Estates, Serria Vista Estates and Tres Piedras “Rancheros de Taos”? All communities use the same well?

  21. Dave Post author

    Not for Tres Piedras, Tres Piedras has their own well and water association. You are correct on the others. If you own property south of San Cristobal Ranch you can join West Rim and quietly haul water to TP but the association does not approve of it due to the conflict of interest between the associations and state water rights law’s.

  22. gophoto

    Hi Dave,
    I am glad I came across your website. I recently ended up with the deed to property in Carson Estates. Fascinating reading about the fraud that was perpetrated upon folks. My parents always told me that they had purchased a raffle ticket at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo in Abilene Texas in 1962 and that they won a lot in Taos.
    I am anxious to take a look at a map with the lots plotted on it and to determine exactly where my little 1/4 acre is although I do have the legal description. I have checked it out on Google Maps and have a pretty good idea but I would like to talk to folks in the area and compare notes and would like to visit and maybe camp and experience the area and the scenic vistas and the local color soon in order to get a feel for what you attempt to describe here.
    Is there a way to call you or someone else that may be familiar and have a phone conversation sometime soon that might be convenient? I’d like to get my bearings now that I know approximately where my lot is located *kind of*
    – Eric Gorder

  23. pjsjeep

    Dave, my mother past away and I have found a reciept from TAOS County clerk for recording of a deed from Great Southwestern Land Company. It is dated 1962. Is there a way to see if my mother still owns deed out there? I find no deed in the safe. Thanks

    1. Dave Post author

      Try the Taos County Assessors office they have an online property search. They began taxing these properties around 1991 so if the taxes were attended to you should be able to find it. Be advised, most of the property acquired from the Great Southwestern Land Company is near worthless. After the court trials they were sued and bankruptcy occurred. You’ll be interested to know that bankruptcy has never been resolved. If and when the state decides to displace the rifraf that has settled on that land the state can move the court to resolve the bankruptcy and file for imminent domain. Just something for you to think about.

    2. gophoto

      My parents obtained lot in Carson Estates in 1962 as well. I recently went through the process of transferring it to my name and am now wondering what to do now regarding that decision.
      Id be glad to share my experience with you.
      Feel free to email me at gophoto@gmail.com


      -eric gorder

    1. Dave Post author

      You must be referring to Tres Piedras estates because there is no unit 7 in Carson Estates. Most of the people in Tres Piedras estates are fairly quiet most of the time.

  24. Live_Wicked

    I posted two questions in chat room. Doesn’t look as if this is used anymore. I want more information on Mesa living. Is this where I can post questions?

    1. Dave Post author

      You can post questions here. What is it you’re looking to know? I live here and will help where I can. If you’re thinking of coming out wait until spring. It looks to be a hard winter this year.

  25. SMD

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for hosting this blog, it’s very helpful! I’m curious if you are still living out there. I live in Santa fe and am chomping at the bit to get out of here, as soon as I can find a lot or 2 or 3 to purchase. I cruised through the area the other day only to conclude that I will definitely need the help of a local to show me around. You seem to be welcoming to newcomers so I thought I would try to start a dialogue with you. I’d love to hear if you know anyone selling. I’d also be interested in driving up and meeting in person sometime in the very near future if you’d be willing to give me a short tour of the area and showing me where the different units are, I would make your efforts worth it. Thanks in advance and hope to hear back soon. Regards.

    1. Dave Post author

      Welcome aboard, I do sometimes hear of property for sale but I don’t know if any just now. I will ask around though. I would recomennd avoiding units 4&5. Far to many drug and alcohol problems that carries the usual drana.I’d be happy to show you the area. This winter is already shaping up to being a cold winter so. don’t come unprepared. When you’re ready for a tour let me know and I’ll send you my number.

    2. Hop4Scotch

      Hello SMD,
      I have lots for sale there in Carson Estates if you are still interested….
      I have 15 lots and want to sell them all, or half. These days its hard to find contiguous lots- these are adjoining…
      It is Unit 11 Block 11 Lots #25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48
      Selling all for $12,000.
      (or). 8 for $6,850
      7 for $6000
      If you have interest, or questions my contact is William/ wp@williamporterfineart.com (631) 988- 5587

        1. Hop4Scotch

          Hi Dave,
          It took me a while to come to that price of 12,000 for 3 /4 acres… It is a good price… I want to sell. I love that land but at this time in my life it is not practical for me to do anything with it. I’m am grateful to you for this forum as there is not much out there concerning the mesa. Would you have any suggestions where I could post a listing for this land (besides Craigslist) that people who might be interested would see? Also, if you hear of anyone looking, please pass my contact info. Thank you, William

          1. Dave Post author

            Other than craigslist, here or the Taos News I couldn’t suggest anything else. There are a number of websites for listing such properties but I have no idea what their listing fees would be.

        2. Hop4Scotch

          Hi Dave,
          It took me a while to come to that price of 12,000 for 3 /4 acres… It is a good price… I want to sell. I love that land but at this time in my life it is not practical for me to do anything with it. I’m am grateful to you for this forum as there is not much out there concerning the mesa. Would you have any suggestions where I could post a listing for this land (besides Craigslist) that people who might be interested would see? Also, if you hear of anyone looking, please pass my contact info. Thank you, William

        3. Hop4Scotch

          I meant to say it IS not a bad price for 3- 3/4 acres… I see people asking huge amounts… don’t know if they are selling or not! Anyway it is indeed almost 4 acres for $12,000. I’m willing to break it in half….. if you hear of anything pass my name around, please…
          William Porter, (631) 988-5587 wp@williamporterfineart.com

  26. jerahmaya

    Hey all. Nice to see an actual blog coming out from 2 Peaks!

    I am from Minneapolis, MN. I have been visiting Taos and specifically 2 Peaks since 1998. I love 2 Peaks. I call it my second home. I would live here if I didn’t have a young boy to be a papa to here in MN.

    I spent many years away from the mesa and finally last year made it back out accross the tracks-so to speak-to learn at Earthship. I had a great time there building and learning those skills. So much so that I’ll be coming back down in March 2017 for a second internship in a row. Yay!

    Id actually love to help someone build. Whether you are reading this post currently or 5 years from now. I’m always down for a reason to come to the Mesa and chill and help out.

    If anyone has any resources or places to crash/squat/work at or just info on finding work down and around Taos or mesa I’d appreciate it.

    I can’t stand the city life. I want my son to see the sky down here. And I am by no means rich. But if I were in just the right spot and had the right resources I would consider getting down to NM even if it were for just part of the year.

    I like to think some day I’ll break free. Like the scorpio I am I guess I’m just waiting for the right moment to strike. Lol.

    I love chatting. Chat me up! I used to stay in the Swiss Chalet and usually stop by to see the old place sinking into the ground now it looks like. It was always doomed to that fate from what I remember.

    I don’t know many people out there these days. And if I did I forgot most people’s names. But if you see some weirdo driving around in a Saturn with a wooden bumper that’s me!


  27. Ayacamin


    After a brief visit to the area last month, I’d like to learn more. At first glance this place seems like everything I’ve been looking for, but thought I wouldn’t find here in this country. A lot of the posts here are quite old though – does anyone have any updates on available plots of land, going prices, access to water, or how residents have been faring in this most recent nation-wide wave of addiction?

    On another note – has anyone tried to “quiet title” by claiming adverse possession? Seems like a lot of folks have been there long enough to give that a shot?

    – Aya

    1. Dave Post author

      I haven’t heard of anyone selling recently but I’m sure lot’s are available. As far a how the place has faired with addicts, not well, there are a number of them here.

      I haven’t heard of anyone filing under squatter right’s in years but it can be done.

      1. Ayacamin

        I’ve been roaming around the country volunteering at organic farms for the past few months, and addiction problems are everywhere these days. Heartbreaking.

        And I’ll do some research on adverse possession in NM. The awful, soul-crushing career I left was being a lawyer. I know almost nothing about property law… but I could learn. I’m only barred in the state of Massachusetts, so I can’t actually do anything helpful in New Mexico, but I could figure out what the legal requirements are to file an adverse possession claim. Do you think that would be helpful for some folks?

        I was also going to ask if we could meet and talk sometime? You seem like the person to talk to. And you also seem very kind 🙂

        I’m staying in Truth or Consequences right now, but I’ll be back and forth to Taos a lot over the next couple months… what do you think?

        Thank you,


  28. Ayacamin

    Wait! I think you are the person my friend Shanti told me to talk to! She worked at earthships for quite a while and lived in ‘the pit.’ She left pretty recently for a job in town, but she was there a few years. Sound familiar?

    1. Dave Post author

      The name doesn’t ring a bell but I do know a few who have worked at the earthships. There are a couple of nonconvententional ways to acquire land ownership, however, with a timely appeal to the court it can be reversed. It’s always best to deal with the owner. In areas like 2 Peaks where the bulk of the land is held in Trust by the state for a nonexistent land company one can pay the land tax for 7 years and apply to the Magistrate court for deed.

      1. Ayacamin

        Hi Dave,

        I’m sorry – I got an email that I think was from you, but now I can’t find it. I didn’t open it, so I’m not sure what it said, I’m not even sure it was from you. If it was – please send again?


        Thank you.

  29. Ayacamin

    Ahhhhh… weird land situation.

    Would you be open to meeting sometime and telling me about the place? I understand if you don’t have a lot of free time, so totally if you aren’t available. Or, if you’d rather spend your free time with someone not a random stranger on the internet… but if you do have time, I’d love to learn more about this place 🙂

  30. SeattleSteve

    Hello Dave! Thank you so much for this website and the information contained herein. You sound like a gracious and thoughtful person, and I appreciate that.

    My late father ‘won’ a parcel of land at the 1963 World’s Fair. The deed/title is in his name and my late mother’s. The Assessed value is $636. Taxable value is only $212. I have been paying taxes on it for years. I am trying to get the land changed to my name, but given the legal trouble is that even worth it? I do want to visit someday, and at the very least camp on the land as a tribute to my parents. For all I know someone is squatting on it lol. Is there anyway I can find out more about it? It is in Tres Piedras Estates, Unit 8, Block 16, Lot H,. One lot only. So interesting and sad how this is a scam! I will spend some more time on this site and try to learn what I can. Again, thanks so much.

    Steve in Seattle, proud owner of one lot!

  31. SeattleSteve

    Hello Dave! Thank you so much for this website and the information contained herein. You sound like a gracious and thoughtful person, and I appreciate that.

    My late father ‘won’ a parcel of land at the 1963 World’s Fair. The deed/title is in his name and my late mother’s. The Assessed value is $636. Taxable value is only $212. I have been paying taxes on it for years. I am trying to get the land changed to my name, but given the legal trouble is that even worth it? I do want to visit someday, and at the very least camp on the land as a tribute to my parents. For all I know someone is squatting on it lol. Is there anyway I can find out more about it? It is in Tres Piedras Estates, Unit 8, Block 16, Lot H,. One lot only. So interesting and sad how this is a scam! I will spend some more time on this site and try to learn what I can. Again, thanks so much.

    Steve in Seattle, proud owner of one lot!

  32. aimee

    Hi Dave,

    I’m so glad I came across your site. I can;t thank you enough for your posts about the land. My husband and I fell in love with Northern NM…Taos and the El Prado area when we first visited about 5 years ago. We have a young child and were looking for some affordable land to purchase in hopes of building a very small solar home and eventually a still small but more livable sized home. We don’t have much and the land pricing is pretty confusing to us. I saw a subdivision right near Tres Piedras that has road maint. and a well share for about 1000 per acre. I had someone tell me that putting in a septic tank out there could be an issue because of a high water table and also that excavating could be an issue because of large boulders under the land in that area that would require extra equipment. We don’t have very much in the first place and plan on doing most everything ourselves. I would really appreciate your advice on the Tres Piedras area…especially for a 7 yr old little one, and any insight on the price of 1000 per acre out there would be beyond helpful! Thank you so much for your post and all of the information I’ve found here!

    1. Dave Post author

      Don’t know where you got your information about Rancheros de Taos in Tres Piedras but it’s not very accurate. The 2 acre properties in the front run $12,000 to $14,000 and the 4 acre lots in the back start at $24,000. Some of the lot’s can be challenging to excavate but certainly doable. Roger carries financing there with 10% down and up to 7 years to pay off. Association fee is $145 per year with unlimited water from a 650 foot deep well. Not any resident’s in the subdivision with children year around. There are area children just not in that subdivision and a school bus pickup at the well. I hope this is helpful.

  33. aimee

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I think the name of the subdivision I’m looking at is actually Cielito Lindo which is pretty far out there. I was told the maint fee for the road would be 345 a year and the well share is somewhere around a 4000.00 1 time fee. The same person who told me about the possible septic issues also told me that the land in that area should go for well below 1000 an acre because of it’s location. I’m not sure how much of what I was told is accurate and there is nothing to compare it too of course. It is our dream to be out there, and we can build just about anything but the Taos climate and land is much different than what we’re used to, so we’re trying to be as realistic as possible so as not to screw up the small budget we have.
    I’m happy to know that there are children running around though! Our kid is the opposite of shy so I’m sure she won’t have any issues meeting other kids as long as they’re around 🙂 Rancheros de Taos sounds like it might be a reasonable option for us…I’m sure it’s closer than Cielito Lindo!

  34. Jenny

    Hi Dave,

    I am new here, and just wanted to say, first of all, that I am so grateful to have found this website! There seems to be a lot of valuable information here. Since some of the info seems to be a few years old now, I had a couple of questions about what the current culture is like on the mesa.

    Like most people commenting here, I am currently looking into buying a lot or two or three, to make a small homestead. I have spent time in the Taos area, and absolutely love it there, and have also recently driven through Carson Estates and Tres Piedras. Earlier this summer, I was miraculously able to get a tiny house on wheels, so now I’m looking for a place to own land, where I can bring it to live, that is inexpensive, but is still at least within the vicinity of some kind of community culture.

    From a lot of what I’m reading here, it looks like the mesa would be a perfect fit for me. I am pretty tough, as far as being self-reliant goes. I want to be away from the grid, and I want to use my small income for adventures and experiences in life, rather than paying expensive rent, or a mortgage on a big house filled with things.

    The main question I have currently is whether safety should be enough of a concern to deter me completely from this location. I looked at Tres Piedras when I was in town, but decided that the drive was too far, so I would be looking in Carson Estates. I’ve read some scary stuff on here about drug addiction and crime, and about people’s houses being burned down, and young women being murdered. My family consists of me (single young female), my very sweet dog, and a couple of kitties. I want to know if it is reasonable for me to hope that I might have a chance of being safe if I lived there, and if my animals would be safe, and if my tiny house and my things would be left alone. I do work, so I would not always be home to watch over them. I am a kind and loving person, and want to help those around me, but I don’t want to place myself in a situation that invites me to be targeted.

    I’m thinking that the March auction would be a good time for me to buy, if I decide to go forward with this, and would appreciate any thoughts or advice, or even the opportunity to spend time visiting the mesa, between now and then.

    Thank you so much!



      1. Allison

        I am going to be buying a lot but I need help. I drove up to Taos myself and wandered around for a while near Stagecoach Rd to get a feel for the place, But of course I had no clue what I was doing. Wondering if we could meet up? Would be willing to pay you for your time and expertise 🙂

  35. elissa

    Hi Dave,
    my uncle and his cousin obtained plots here from a boat show in San Antonio in 1963. My uncle came up in the 1970’s and wasn’t able to reach his plot due to roads being closed, he lives in central Texas and has never made it back up and he’s getting older now and doesn’t travel much so I don’t know that he will. I’m in the area a lot and would like to stop by some time to snap a picture of his lot for him, I know it may seem weird, but I think it would mean a lot to him since he’s told me stories about having that plot since I was young. I have the information about the lot and block number (its in Unit 1), but have only been able to find maps for Unit 4. I was wondering if you might know where I can find a map or if you would be able to help me find the plot?
    Thanks a lot,

  36. peonyagave

    Is Dave still maintaining this site?
    I’m in love with the area and hope to be back there in February – this has been an awesome resource – I’m bummed to have not seen anything from him recently….

    1. Dave Post author

      I’m still actively overseeing the site but I do have a number of things going on. Always fee free to call on me if you need something specific.

  37. Bradhorner

    Been looking at off grid land in Taos for 10 odd years. Been hoping to escape the city my adult life and could never put it together, money wise. Hurt myself, got disability, got bus and drove to Carson Estates. I mostly finished winterizing and have not even used heat yet due to good insulation. I like it here. I like the people. But I can see need to keep an eye out for personal safety, etc. But the best places are like that sometimes. I’m looking for 1 or2 acres in unit 1. Would like to get involved with community if I can find my part to play. Hoping to find something that is not just being flipped for quick profit. I’m a good neighbor, hope to green property up but I can’t guarantee anything til I try it first. Looking to practice welding, grow herbs for food and tinctures, keep my old truck running and chill. Let me know what you think.

    1. Dave Post author

      At the dog leg between unit 1 and Ranchos de Taos Estates is a small for sale sign and I’m told it involves some 7 acres. If you’ve not already you might look into that.

        1. Bradhorner

          Seems like it’s worth it, price wise, but I might go real small until I feel out the area for a year. If can park my bus in peace I’ll be happy.

  38. Bradhorner

    The dog leg unit 1 is sold. 7.3 acre. Mr Dave one of these days I will thank you over lunch, coffee at my place when you feel like it.

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