Bug Out Location?


Is this a practical bug out location? Absolutely not. This is a place known by the government as a gathering of social misfits with drugs, alcohol and guns. Mind you, these are not bad people but rather mostly patriots with an attitude. Many are completely free of society growing their own gardens and meat.




The government is known to come out here and raiding homes without warrants. The local sheriff, DEA, FBI, CBP and ATF monitor the activity, people, both established residents and newcomers, by both physical observation as well as by satellite.

2 thoughts on “Bug Out Location?

  1. 23skido

    Not a surprise to think this place is monitored. The natural resources or lack thereof due not lend this place to be a bug out. Trees, water, game, and people that will not hunt each other ( some here will, some won’t) are necessary. Community is the number one factor in a bug out ! Unless you want to go at it alone on this earth!

    1. Dave Post author

      In a bugout situation I would not go with a community base because of its inherent risk anyways. Most anyone can be made to talk. I personally have 3 alternate bugout locations.

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