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Ever heard of earthship homes? They are built from recycles and natural earthen materials. I am planning to build one myself. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran on a very restricted income. At present I reside with my 7 cats in a 28′ Four Winds motor home.I have everything set up for the north, east and west walls as well as the roof but I am looking for help buying the south facing window panels. If you feel so inclined, please follow the gofundme link, any thing you can help with will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the video collection below and learn all about the construction and natural advantages of the earthship homes. Mike Reynolds is an renowned authority on earthship homes and resides in Taos County New Mexico.


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  1. Gman

    I’d like to share a few observations re “Earthships” – I call them “Abominations upon the Earth”. I’m a former NASA Houston space engineer and I’ve designed and built passive solar houses. What’s right with earthships? They cycle and use water and use it for growing edibles. They use a modest (tiny) amount of junk and refuse like tires and bottles (which can be recycled other ways, by the way.) They have a nice lush terarium indoor garden at the front of the house.

    Now what’s wrong with the earthship “Abominations upon the Earth”? First, they use flush toilets – crazy when you are doing roof catchment and hauling water. They use solar panels, which is good, but they are incredibly wasteful of electric energy in the hot water heater and refrigerator. Secondly, they only have passive solar warming (windows) facing ONE direction. For maximum heat from the sun, we need at least three walls capturing solar heat.

    Far more efficient – and Earth friendly – solutions are the age-old solutions utilized for millennia before “white man” arrived on the scene :: Adobes and Pueblos. The earthship “geniuses” even admit that the adobe does everything their houses do, but better and cheaper ! I always look WAY back when researching things, because the people who came before us and lived more intimately with the natural world, had a huge amount of knowledge. All you have to do is look right next door at the Taos Pueblo to see super-efficient passive solar buildings at work !!

    Me? I build passive solar designs on monolithic slabs, optimized for passive heating and cooling. Look past the nonsense and fads, my friends.

    1. Dave Post author

      I appreciate your perspective on the subject. Maybe some input will be forthcoming for builders and designers. I agree with many of your point but as well disagree on some. Anyway, I hope to see objective and creative ideas from others as well.

      I also am very fond of cob and adobe construction methods myself. Unfortunately modern building codes make building the traditional homes of of our predecessors impossible. Think about this, you’re outside working and need to use the restroom. You go into your house and get relief and flush it outside where you already were. Here we compost out excrement as well as our livestock excrement mixing produce scraps to create a two fold end use product. We use the methane for heating and cooking and the semi-solids as fertilizer.

      A nice wood fire a night is quite relaxing but in the event it burns the methane brings the water to temperate up for the radiant heating system.

      Solar power is great so long as one is willing to maintain the batteries (a huge and hazardous issue if ignored). A homemade wind turbine works very well as a backup after dark. Our entire ranch is working towards optimizing both energy and water.


  2. rockeasysound

    Hey Dave!
    I’m currently looking to purchase 2 1/2 acres in unit 5 and eventually build an earthship. The current owner of the land is asking 12k for the whole 2 1/2 acres plus $1750 in back taxes. I was wondering what you input is on that since you have more experience and knowledge in that area. Also, is it possible/good location to build an earth ship in unit 5?

    1. Dave Post author

      I’d not be investing that kind of money up there on a bet unless it was already developed a good bit. Last summer a couple of friends bought 2 12 acres there for $5k and it was fenced, living space, big cistern and a huge greenhouse. Just my opinion since you asked. Best wishes on your endeavor regardless how you chose to proceed.

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