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19 September 2015.   Been a while since my last post but Rebecca continues to improve and is gaining use of her left side. Hillary Odens absurd lawsuit against me for $5400 was chucked to the curb by Judge Shannon with the comment” I see what is going on here “. He continues to be paranoid and keeps himself locked in his house hiding behind the drama queens. On the upside of mesa life, the Lending Library at Stan’s is still open and everyone is welcome to use it. Generally, folks out here are respectful enough to not make a mess in there and we hope that continues. With winter on the door step you should be getting your stoves ready as well as your wood. Due to Stan being left hanging for over $3000 in firewood that folks never paid for he will not be offering wood this winter. It will be all he can afford just to keep wood for himself and my wife and I will be trying to help him as well but our money is tight too with construction costs here. Stan would be grateful to anyone able to drop a little wood off if they can.


18 Augest 2015.  Well the matter between Hillary Oden and I have concluded in court. His pathetic law suit was dismissed right off the bat and he was ordered to accept payoff and surrender title and spare keys. He attempted to get me to return half of what was included in the sale of the vehicle and even whent so far as to threaten me in front of witnesses on the way out of the courthouse. His buddy even tried to intimidate my wife, lol, bit she set her straight right off. So, one conman exposed and concluded and one conwoman yet to be exposed and sued well into her next life time. Stay tuned folks, the case involving the well known whore on the hill is coming up in September.


3 June 2015.   Well, it’s time for the official information release, a majority of the goats at Stan’s and 1 horse have been stolen. We have a good idea who is behind it but we are letting the brand inspectors investigate it. When the brand inspectors make their arrest the pathetic cowards at the District Attorney’s office won’t be able to dismiss the charges. It is likely the goats have expired from starvation but the horse was only stolen two days ago and needs his worming treatment but they will likely starve him to death as well. Anyone with information should contact Stan, myself or Ruben Baca Brand Inspector at 575-770-1490. Your identity will be kept confidential and will be greatly appreciated.

16 April 2015     We’ll Rebecca is able to move her left arm and leg now but certainly still has a long way to go. She is still struggling with the seizures. The key is preventing her from getting worked up. Please just continue praying for her because it is certainly working.

4 April 2015    Well, she’s at it again, Naomi has attacked my horse with scissors. The poor guy is embarrassed to come out of the coral. She has butchered his frock, mane and tail. It takes a long time for these to grow. It would be a blessing if she would grow up and start behaving as an adult.

I am working on Rebecca’s place and if anyone cares to help with cleaning and painting let me know. I won’t be there today but expect me to be there the next few days. My bride an I will be living there, likely, until the end of summer 2016 while building our house. Once the house is built I will be renting the place out and overseeing it for Rebecca. For the benefit of the drama queens Rebecca, Holly and Arwin will be enjoying the rent not me. I will keep a reasonable amount to recover my expense of replacing the missing solar equipment and adding solar water heater, pumps and a fridge.


2 April 2015    Been a while since my last post, been very busy. Well, where do we start? Pete and Naomi were indited by the grand jury and have felony warrants in District Court.

Ivan has been arrained in the murder of Roxie Houston. One is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers and hope that is respected inspite of the overwhelming evidence against him.

Robbie is back and a welcome site to most of us but he is not feeling well so please keep him in prayer.

The lending library at Stan’s is partially open so please feel free to visit. Thanks John for building shelves.

The best news from my opinion is that I am getting married soon. I am interested in speaking to Christian ministers if there are any, other than myself out here, to preform the ceremony. We will be building our home where the TP used to be just east of Stan.

20 December 2014    The guys from Australia are in Albuquerque this evening. They will visit the mesa north of Albuquerque tomorrow before heading to Taos. I will meet them Monday and will be bringing them here to 2 peaks to film. I think they would enjoy filming the eviction of Naomi Channy who richly deserves being instructed to leave the mesa. She has repeatedly broken into private homes and has stolen and lied so much. She continues to demonstrate violence towards anyone who challenges her even her 2 year old child that she uses as a shield during her violent attacks on others. Personally I find her unfit to be raising a child.

20 December 2014    Well Rebecca had to return to University Hospital but is doing well. She is expected to be released soon. She will be going to Texas where her insurance will offer her better services.

1December 2014    The Angora rabbit that was stolen from Stan’s in October by Naomi Channy was returned this morning. It was recovered with the permission of her fella who I understand ownes the place she was hiding it. Poor guy is matted with feces and quite emaciated but I think we can nurse him back to his former glory. Thank you to the person who shall remain unidentified for your love and apprication for animals and Stan.

30 Nov 2014    Stan’s lending library is about to become a reality. We worked hard today cleaning out a bus today that junkyard Jeff is going to place in from of Stan’s which will house the library. Unfortunately the solar panel to power it was stolen by Pete Legge and Naomi Coutu who are presently incarcerated on unrelated crimes. If you acquired a 145 watt panel from them we would appriciate its return. The panel was on loan from Rebecca Howell until one was purchased. We hope to have the library open by Christmas. Those 3 wonderful young ladies and their class have acquired some 2000 or more books for your enjoyment.

30 Nov 2014    Rebecca has once again been transferred from her nursing care facility in Albuquerque this time to University Hospital. She began having seizures while eating. There were several contributing factors involved. Due to the nature of the cause and the seriousness I will not disclose the discovery at this time. I will say that Rebecca needs your prayers more than ever before.

23 Nov 2014 1250pm We are in Albuquerque with Rebecca and I’l must say she looks greagood for all she’s been through. Please keep praying for her.

18 Nov 2014    Rebecca has moved to a brand new physical rehab center. The downside is that it’s in Albuquerque. Apparently she had a bad experience at the Living Center and refuse to return. After some rehab its my understanding she will be moving to a close friends in central Texas. For the time my lady has legal guardianship over Arwin and Holly so they are in a safe and stable place. Please continue praying for Rebecca and the girls, they need all they can get.

13 Nov 2014    There is an Australian documentary group coming to the Mesa. They hope to capture our way of life to share with the Australian people. They have been traveling our great nation sharing with the people of Australia the lifestyle of non typical Americans that they don’t get to see in movies. I have chosen a few people for them to interview but the door is still wide open so if you’re interested in being interviewed please pop me a message or stop in and see me and let me know.

13 Nov 2014    Beware of Hillary Oden on 2 Peaks. He told a few lies to Crystal Sarten of 3 Peaks shortly after Tommy’s death and extorted her out of her Sthil chainsaw and more recently tried the very same thing with me trying to rip me off for $400 in firewood and title to a vehicle. He has learned that I don’t bully very well and cowaded when I offered to take it outside and settle the matter so I have hired an attorney who will secure both my title and legal expenses. He claims to have been a highly sought after construction superintendent in North Carolina yet after checking he has never been licensed nore even heard of there or Virginia. I personally suspect he is nothing more than a conman with a big mouth with a history of ripping people off. Makes me wonder why his sister and daughter hate him and refuse to communicate with him, make your own decision on that one. Trust him at your own risk but I’ have called him out personally on quite a few lies that I have proven lies. Remember his buddy Jeremy, you know the thief we literally ran off the Mesa? Who do you think was fencing some of Jeremy’s spoils? Yep, you probably guessed it. Oden, if you have a problem with me posting the truth and my personal opinion of you, come see me if you feel man enough to dance with a man with a broken back. I’d just love to put you in your place, right next to a horse turd, you’re full of them anyways. I have a dandy idea, there is an Australian documentary group coming to the Mesa the week leading up to Christmas let’s settle the score then so they can film it and show the Australian people how Mesa folks deal with the likes of you.

To the rest of my Mesa brothers and sisters, as well as the 3 very lovely young ladies whom have recently became friends of the Mesa I truly apologize for my personal rant but the truth must be told and those who know me know know I don’t pull punches and am a man of my word and proud of that fact.

11 Nov 2014      I’m saddened to say that Robert Eaglehawk of 3 peaks has passed away. As most know Robert has been ill for over a year and Rebecca had taken him in to help him. When Rebecca had her anurisum Robert checked back into the Living Center. Robert was a friend to many of us and will be greatly missed. Being a former War Chief at the Pueblo I assume he will be inturned with honors on the reservation.

10 Nov 2014      Rebecca is still recovering from her anurisum and is in surprisingly good condition. Once again Holy Cross gave us bad information she was flown to Santa Fe for a serious viral infection and required isolation. Please continue to keep her in prayer.

9 Nov 2014    Even after visiting with Stan and I those 3 lovely young ladies returned, lol. With them they brought news that their entire class decided to help Stan build the lending library that he has talked to me about for the past year. We still need a trailer or bus to put it in so if you have one you’d care to donate to the cause contact Stan. I will be providing the electric and lighting but a small wood stove would be very nice for the cold winter days. Again ladies thank you so very much.

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  1. whitstix

    My name is George McKinney, my son Joshua was living with Les Lokie/LuLu and appears to have taken his life on 7/10/15. I am trying to get a better understanding of what happened or led up to this tragedy. If anyone knew Josh or is aware of the circumstances I would love to to talk to you.

    1. Dave Post author

      If you can help Mr. McKinney contact me and I’ll provide his email address. I heard about it but I don’t think I knew him. I will ask around for you and see if someone will help you find some closure. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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